Do you Kaboodle??

(source:  Kaboodle)

I’ve been sitting here in the fleece, mickey mouse, footie pajamas that I got for x-mas from MIL (totally serious..I’m obsesssed) thinking of topics for upcoming blog posts aside from my typical ‘Sale Alert’ entries because, well, even I’ve started getting bored of those already.  I’m not exactly new to blogging as I’ve had various blogs that I’ve experimented with throughout the last 10 years or so but this is really my first public interest type of blog.  All of my past attempts at blogging have been a bit more personal, relatively short lived, and nothing that I have ever shared publicly.  While the technical aspect of blogging is probably going to be a forever work in progress for me, please bear with me as I continue to develop my own personal blogging style.  This time, I’m really hoping to stick around for awhile so any feedback and advice from readers is certainly welcomed!  ; )

Have you ever heard of a little thing called Kaboodle?  It’s an online social shopping community that allows users to develop shopping/wish lists, create polls, share styleboards, etc.  It has really changed the way I shop during the last couple of years.  The shopping/wish list feature is probably what I rely on Kaboodle for the most.  It’s convenient, organized, and really just loads of fun to play around with.  Because I like to be insanely organized, I created separate lists for clothing, jewelry, bags, and shoes that I’m currently keeping an eye on.  I even have a list of ‘Recent Purchases’ so that I can keep track of what I’m buying each month and how much money I save since I’m a super sale shopper.

Signing up for an account is so simple and completely free, just fill out a quick registration form here (or click the button at the bottom of the registration page to join through Facebook).  If you do join, please add me (everydayessentials) as a friend!  You can get to my Kaboodle home page by clicking on the photo above.

(Sidenote: I do not work for Kaboodle, nor have I ever been asked by anyone who does work at Kaboodle to publish a review of any kind.  I have been a Kaboodle user for almost 2 years now and really just love what it has to offer!)

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