Resolution #1: Closet Overhaul


I have been inspired by Kendi (refer to this post and this post) and by my copy of Lauren Conrad’s Style Guide (buy here) to completely overhaul my closet.  Living with hubby in a small 1-bedroom apartment means closet space is severely limited.  We have just one very small closet in our bedroom (belonging to me – see above) so I make a point of purging old and unworn items once every 2-3 months in order to have room for all of the items I wear regularly.  I’m pretty good about letting go of things that I no longer need or enjoy, but I’m starting to realize that I’m definitely missing some essentials in my closet.  For example, how do I not own a crisp, white, button up shirt when I’m required to dress professionally for work 5 days each week??  Things like this boggle my mind.

Throughout the rest of the week I’m going to pick apart all of the clothing and accessories that I currently own to decide what must have wardrobe items I’m missing.  The list of items I come up with will then become my shopping guide for 2011.  I’m hoping this will help me learn to shop smarter.  The number of items in my closet that I have never worn (many still have the tags attached) is pretty embarrassing.  I’ll be posting about my process and sharing my updated shopping list daily through Jan. 1st so check back regularly!


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