Closet Overhaul: Part 1, Dresses


I decided the easiest way for me to start this giant re-evaluation of my closet was to break everything down into different categories so today I’m starting with dresses.  (The photo that I took today is truly awful so I in our apartment is terrible.)  I currently own a couple of cotton maxi dresses, a few jersey cotton summer dresses, a handful of work-appropriate dresses, and a couple of party-ish dresses.  Not bad but there’s definitely room for improvement.

I really enjoy wearing dresses.  They’re girly, comfortable, and it’s hard to not look put together while wearing a dress.  The problem that I’ve noticed with the dresses that I have hanging in my closet is that most of them are pretty casual and a couple of the ones I have for work are a little age-inappropriate (i.e. slightly middle-aged looking).  There are also a couple that don’t quite fit at the moment because I’ve gained a few in 2010.  Yuck.  Since health and fitness is another resolution I’ll be tackling this year, I’m not ready to part ways with those dresses.

So, here’s my brief list of what I’d like to add to my dress collection in 2011:

*the perfect little black dress
*2-3 party (wedding appropriate) dresses
*fitted sheath dress

I’ll be focusing more on finding some dressier dresses this year.  Hubby and I were one of the first couples in our circle of friends to marry and several more will be following in our footsteps in the next year or two.  I’ve only been to a couple of weddings in my adult life and I found myself standing in front of my closet each time unsure of what to wear.  I also think having that perfect little black dress that I can always fall back on would help to eliminate that issue.  (I actually tried on this dress today while I was out shopping with a friend and even though I liked it I just wasn’t crazy about it so I left it on the rack.)  Lastly, I think having a beautiful fitted sheath dress is a must for me this year.  Back in September, I was promoted to a management position within my office and will likely have an opportunity for further advancement in 2011 so I think a fitted sheath dress will really help me feel like more of a professional.

Is there anything else I should be adding to my shopping list??  Comment below and share your thoughts!


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