Closet Overhaul: Part 2, Bottoms (Skirts, Pants, & Denim)


The next category on my list is skirts, pants, and denim.  Right now, I have 3 pairs of dress slacks, 2 pairs of chinos (I get to dress down slightly during the summer, yippee!), 3 pencil skirts, and 3 pairs of jeans.  I get by just fine with what I currently have, but I think adding a handful more pieces this year will help keep the laundry at a minimum and seriously increase the combination of outfits I will be able to put together.

Here’s my shopping list for bottoms in 2011:

*2 more pairs of work slacks
*basic, black pencil skirt
*professional pant/skirt suit
*medium wash bootcut jeans
*dark wash bootcut jeans
*dark wash skinny jeans
*black skinny jeans?

That last one is a question mark for now.  Not sure if I really need a pair of black skinnies if I can find a great pair in a darker wash.  I’d really love to focus on finding a few new pairs of jeans that make me look and feel fantastic.  About a year and a half ago I bought my first pair of designer jeans (Paige Premium Denim) on sale at a boutique in Burlington, VT.  Until that moment, I was never sold on what high quality denim can do for a girl but wow!  Looking in the mirror of that fitting room I was blown away with how well that pair of jeans fit my body.  It is my goal to find a couple of additional pairs this year (for under $100) as those quickly became my go-to jeans and have become pretty worn already.  Also a priority, is a black pant/skirt suit for work.  I’ve been needing this for a very long time but I’m only required to wear a suit probably 6-8 times per year and, to be honest, I just hate them.  I do have a pair of old slacks and a separate jacket that I purchased to wear with them when I first started interviewing for jobs after college but I think it’s time for me to suck it up and spend the money on a really nice, matching set.  Same reasoning as for the sheath dress from yesterday’s post.  I also could use a new black pencil skirt.  Even though I have one, I don’t love the fit anymore and think it’s time to find a replacement.

I always wonder how many pairs of work and casual pants other girls own, on average.  I have a feeling that the number of pairs of each that I own is much smaller than other girls my age.  How many pairs of slacks and jeans do you own and/or recommend??  Leave a comment and let me know!


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