Review: Nine West ‘Nuncio’ Pump

Nine West ‘Nuncio’ Pump @Nine West
Original Price = $69.00
Purchase Price = $30.44

At the same time I ordered the taupe pumps in my previous review, I also ordered this pump in the dark natural shade to wear at work.  The color was a bit lighter than what I was originally looking for but the price was right so I couldn’t resist.

I received this pair several days after receiving the other pair from my order and once again I was faced with disappointment.  There were also several scratches and marks of discoloration on these shoes.  Needless to say, they are going to be returned as well.

I’ve always turned to Nine West when I’ve wanted a quality shoe for a reasonable price and this experience is going to make me think twice before ordering in the future.  It really makes me wonder what happens to their shoes before they’re sent out to customers.  I can’t be the only person who has had this issue since the same thing happened twice on pairs that were shipped separately.  I searched briefly but could not find just a general customer service email on the website and didn’t have a particular question that I was trying to address for their web form so I wrote a few sentences about my shopping experience on the Nine West Facebook page.  The company seems to be very active on their page and I’ve noticed that they have  addressed several questions, comments, and concerns from other users so I’m looking forward to hearing from someone shortly.


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