Simple Saturdays


The thing I love about weekends is having the time to do things that I generally don’t have during the week (or maybe I’d just prefer to be lazy when I get home from work).  I recently photocopied several recipes out of an issue of Weight Watchers magazine that a friend of mine had bought during the holidays.  Today was the perfect day to try this Tuna & White Bean Salad (sorry guys, no recipe link for this one).  I’ve already fallen off the wagon with my resolution to record what I eat so that I can become a bit more aware of my habits (see post here) but I’m determined to start over and keep trying.  Luckily, this also ties in with my resolution to experiment with new recipes and eat at home more often (see post here).  So, tonight I will be testing out yet another new recipe (well, more of a recreation of a local restaurant favorite) and enjoying some wine with a couple of the girls.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!


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