day #9: cause I know them boys, they like those open toes

Sweater – LOFT
Pants – Express
Shoes – Banana Republic
Earrings – White House Black Market

Any other Katharine McPhee fans out there?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  No?  Ok, maybe I’m the only one but I’ve loved her ever since her Idol days.  Any girl who can sing a bubblegum pop song about shoes that causes me to bust out some serious dances moves every time I hear it is a-ok in my book.

I have always thought that open-toe shoes were only appropriate for the spring and summer months but this year I’m throwing that rule out the window.  Especially when said shoes are super cute suede wedges from Banana Republic that I got a major deal on.  But before you start thinking all sorts of ‘that girl is crazy’ thoughts, I only wore these outside for photo purposes.  I wear my UGG cardy boots to/from work almost daily and always throw a pair of nicer shoes in my bag for when I get to the office.  It’s a no brainer for me during the winter.  Except for that day 2 weeks ago when I arrived at work and realized I had grabbed 2 different shoes.  No joke..and not even the same color.  Luckily, I have a drawer full of old pairs of (matching) shoes in my desk just in case.


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