days #12 and #13: where did the weekend go?

Day #12 (on left):
Sweater – White House Black Market
Jeans – Bullhead @PacSun
Flats – Tory Burch
Earrings – Banana Republic
Ring – Lia Sophia

Day #13 (on right):
Cotton Tee – Gap
Cardigan – Ann Taylor
Jeans – Bullhead @PacSun
Boots – UGG
Ring – Lia Sophia

I don’t know about you but I am NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow.  We had such a fun weekend catching up with the MIL and celebrating our favorite little Z-man’s 1st birthday!  The weekends never seem to last long enough.

Keeping it short and sweet tonight.  I didn’t get much sleep the last couple of nights thanks to a too small bed (anything less than queen size for 2 adults just doesn’t cut it) and mucho snoring courtesy of both hubby and our little puppy girl.  It’s off to bed for me!


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