days #16-#21: playing catch up

Day #16 (top left) and Day #17 (top right)
Day #18 (middle left) and Day #19 (middle right)
Day #20 (bottom left) and Day #21 (bottom right)

As promised, I have not forgotten about the 30 for 30 challenge in my blog absence and continued to take daily photos.  I’m not posting the info for each individual piece in all of these photos but you can refer to my full list of 30 for 30 items here.

I took a day off on Sunday and lounged around in my favorite fleece pants and hoodie all day so I’m a day behind in the challenge.  Admittedly, I’m starting to really struggle with putting together an outfit every morning.  I’m starting to miss some of my other clothes that haven’t gotten any attention in the last 21 days!  So far in the challenge, I’ve put together a few new outfits that I really love and can’t wait to wear again.

So, fellow are the rest of you feeling at this point in the challenge?  This is my 1st challenge so I think it’s pretty normal that I’m starting to feel drained of creativity but I’m wondering if those of you who have participated before still feel the same.  Any tips for getting through the final stretch??  Please comment below and share any advice you have to help get me through the last 9 days!


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