day #23: one more week!!!

Cardigan & Top  – Ann Taylor
Belt – Banana Republic
Pants – Express
Flats – Tory Burch
Headband – J. Crew
Earrings – Charter Club @Macy’s
Ring – Lia Sophia

Today’s outfit wasn’t one of my favorites.  I didn’t love the headband look, I probably could have left the belt behind, and I should have worn my gray suede wedges instead.  Although it’s rare, some days I just don’t feel like wearing heels and today was one of them.  I was going for comfort but I think it ended up looking a little sloppy.

It’s going to be a quiet evening in the apartment.  Hubby is already asleep in the recliner and I’ll probably start getting ready for bed soon (it’s not even 8pm yet).  Clearly, my body is telling me that I need to get some sleep but I feel like I’m not supposed to go to bed this early.  I almost feel like it’s unreasonable for a young person to want to be in bed before 9 or 10pm.  I’m 27, not 70..I should still have all sorts of energy at the end of the day!  It’s times like this when I truly realize that I’m getting older.  Not just getting older, that’s a given, but feeling older.  Can anyone else relate?


2 Responses

  1. Love that cardigan-blouse combo! I need to get to Ann Taylor stat.

  2. I have that top! Well actually, my mom has that top and I have her closet at my disposal. Either way – I love it!

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