Resolution #2: Cooking & Baking


I hate our kitchen.  Like, really hate it.  It’s about the size of a hole in the wall and we have about a square foot of counter space, literally.  There are so many things about our kitchen that makes cooking/baking a huge inconvenience.  Even so, I still love cooking, baking, trying new recipes, etc. but at the end of a long work day the thought of having to whip up something to eat for dinner in our hole-in-the-wall kitchen usually leaves me begging hubby to go out to eat instead.

We dined out wayyy too much in 2010.  It wasn’t good for our bank account or our waistlines.  As much as I hate our kitchen, cooking at home as often as possible has recently moved to the top of our priorities list.  I’m hoping it will help us save a little money as well as allowing us to have more control over what we’re eating so that we can be much healthier this year.  When I’m home regularly, this generally isn’t an issue for us but I travel quite a bit for my job and when I do my habit of dining out sometimes carries over to when I am back home.  Hubby doesn’t bother with cooking when I’m away and sometimes I’m only home for a couple of days before leaving again.  I’ve never thought it made much sense to shop for groceries in between trips when I’m traveling regularly (and by regularly I mean 4-5 days per week for 8 consecutive weeks).

This year, I’d like to limit our dining out to 2-3 meals per month.  I want to try at least a couple of new recipes each month.  I did quite a bit of cooking and baking when I was off from work during the holidays and experimented with several new recipes including this one for whole wheat banana bread (see photo above).  We also need to start planning our meals in advance so we’re not always stuck wondering what we should eat for dinner as we’re getting ready to leave work.  For the past few months I’ve gotten the daily what to do for dinner phone call from hubby during my last half hour at work.  Planning ahead will also make grocery shopping MUCH easier (and, hopefully, less frequent).

What are some of your favorite (healthy) recipes?