January Shopping Update

Do you remember how I was a little concerned in this post because I had already spent $80+ only 4 days into the month of January?  Well, I’m proud to report that I am currently under budget for the month and have still enjoyed several purchases since my last update.

The girls and I had a wonderful day yesterday perusing the mall and catching up on chit-chat over dinner at Chili’s.  (I had the avocado burger..I rarely crave hamburgers but this one was amazing!  Highly recommended!!)   I had a couple of gift cards/store credits burning a hole in my wallet and I put them to good use.  Here are my finds:

I’ve been loving the look of the infinity/cowl loop scarves lately and fell in love with this one that I found at New York & Company.  It’s lightweight and the color is beautiful.  I paid for this using part of a store credit I had received after returning a set of hair combs that I never ended up wearing on my wedding day.  The original price was $24.95 and I paid $8.63 using the credit.  I also recently purchased a camel colored poncho (no longer available online but see a photo here) using part of my store credit as well.  It was originally $34.95 and I paid $6.51 using the credit.  I’m actually wearing it today with a black long-sleeved Hanes shirt underneath (purchased at Wal-Mart for $6.53) and a pair of dark wash denim.  The outside temp right now is only 6 degrees but I’m feeling very cozy wearing the poncho!

Next, I stopped at Express where I found a couple of pairs of yoga-style fold-over pants.  They are a little long for my short legs but sooo comfy.  I’ll admit that I didn’t really need these but at $12.95 each (originally $29.99 per pair) I couldn’t pass them up.  The first thing I do when I get home from work at the end of the day is change into a pair of comfy lounge pants so I know I’ll get alot of use out of them.

One of our last stops of the day was Banana Republic where all of the sale items were an additional 50% off.  These gorgeous gray suede wedges were easily my best find of the day.  The original price was $120 on these puppies and I paid..wait for it..$19.43 using a gift card.  That’s more than an 80% discount off of the original price!  I was pretty impressed with myself and so was the hubby, even though he thinks I already have more than enough shoes to last a lifetime.  ; )

The only other item I bought yesterday was a Buffalo Bills NFL Apparel hat from Old Navy on mega-clearance for just $1.40 (originally $12.50).  I thought it was a strange thing to find at Old Navy but hubby is just a little obsessed with the Bills so I knew I had to get this for myself to show my support.  We try to get to at least 1 game each season and now I have a hat to wear for early season games as well as a winter hat to wear for cold weather games (gift from MIL last x-mas).

This sweater, from LOFT, was not one of yesterday’s finds but I did pick it up during my lunch break a couple of weeks ago.  The store was having a special $15 sweater promo for just that day and I fell in love with this purple color (the website had it listed as ‘desert mauve’).  It was originally $59 but I ended up paying $16.31 which I thought was a steal.  I’m obsessed with chunky sweaters!

Not including gift card/store credit purchases, my January spending is now at $165.80 of my $200 monthly budget and I don’t anticipate that I’m going to be doing any more shopping before the month ends.  Ok, that’s a lie..there’s one splurge purchase that I am considering (it’s almost tax refund time!) and if I go for it then I am resolving to participate in Kendi’s 30 for 30 remix challenge starting on Feb 1st and not shop for the entire month.  : )

January Shopping Update

Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette
(source:  Sephora)

It’s back!  The Urban Decay Naked Palette is back in stock at Sephora but probably not for long so if you’ve missed out the last couple of times it was available, hurry up and order.  This palette features 12 eyeshadows and comes with a double ended liner pencil (black & brown) as well as a travel sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which I discovered several months ago and now swear by to keep my eyeshadow from creasing.  I’ve missed this twice already and finally added my name to the email list so that I would be notified when it was back in stock.  I got that email today right after lunch and ordered without thinking twice.  I also picked up this lip butter in Quince.  I’m obsessed.  Super moisturizing with a hint of color.  I hate lipsticks so these are perfect when I want just a touch of color and I already own the Pomegranate, Plum, Mango, Jasmine, and Guava lip butters.

I know it’s only the Jan 4th but I think 2011 is off to a great start so far (minus the nasty cold that half of my office has come down with, including me..yuck) and I have alot to share today.  A new month means a clean slate when it comes to my shopping budget and I always get a little overexcited with shopping/spending at the beginning of the month.  There are still some great post-holiday sales happening and I’ve picked up several items in the last couple of days.

First, I grabbed these candles at Bath & Body Works yesterday.  There’s a huge sale going on right now and these were on sale for $4.75 each (originally $9.50).  I love all of the autumn and holiday scents and both of these smelled delightful!  The sale price online isn’t the same as what I paid but if you’re interested, buy them here and here.

Next, I found this skirt while browsing the clearance racks at Target.  It was on sale for $13.48 (originally $26.99) and I thought it would be a great holiday skirt to add to my collection.  The best part?  When I brought it up to the register it rang up for..wait for it..$6.74!!!  If you live near a Target, it’s worth a trip to see if the store has this skirt in stock since it’s still retailing for full price on the website.

Finally, the VS Semi-Annual Sale started in-stores today so I stopped at the mall during my lunch break.  I grabbed a couple pairs of undies (my fav collection right now is ‘The Nakeds’..sooo comfy!) and this sparkly cardigan, which I couldn’t find a link for.  It was $19.99 (originally $48).  Unfortunately, I’m going to be returning this one.  I didn’t anticipate spending money at Sephora shortly after and even though it’s a very pretty sweater, I’d have to carry around a lint roller every time I wear it because I had gray fuzzies all over my clothes after trying it on.

So, my January spending is currently at $89.15 (including tax).  It’s been 4 days and I’ve already spent nearly half of my $200 budget!  Yikes.  Luckily, I have a few gift cards and store credits that I can use if I continue to feel the urge to shop as the month goes on.  For those of you who also limit your monthly spending, feel free to comment below with tips on how you stick to your budget.  I’d love to hear your ideas!  : )

Everyday Essentials

Welcome to my blog about a little bit of this and a little bit of that (but mostly shopping).  I’ve been told by friends and family that I have a special talent for finding great deals on the items that fill my *very small* closet and dresser drawers so I thought, “why not share my finds with all of the other shopaholics in blogland?”  I’m not going to call this a fashion blog.  The last thing I think I am is fashionable.  I’m certainly not the typical size 0-2 fashion blogger (more like a petite size 8-10) and I’ll probably be posting crappy images taken with my not so smart cell phone.  Bottom line?  I’m a pretty average twentysomething female.  I have a full time job, was recently married, and I live in a 1-bedroom apartment in a small suburban town with hubs and the puppy girl.

**A little bit about my shopping habits**

I like nice things and I do pay attention to labels but, in most cases, I prefer to make a purchase when an item has been discounted by 40-50% or more.  I’m 50/50 when it comes to online shopping vs in-store shopping..each has its advantages/disadvantages.  I prefer items that are versatile.  Since I’m required to dress professionally 5 days a week and tend to wear sweats with a basic v-neck tee when I’m not working, I need to find things that will transition from the office to a night out with friends.  I love shoes!  Impulse purchases tend to happen when shoes are involved.  I’m definitely girly but I’m not a beauty product/makeup junkie.  Mornings and I don’t really get along so my routine is pretty minimal.  My sense of style is pretty basic.  I’m pretty intimidated by big patterns and bold color so I generally gravitate towards neutral colors with little embellishment.  Currently, I’m loving chunky sweaters, ruffles, platform pumps, and headbands.  Last but not least, my monthly shopping budget is $200 but I’m hoping to curb my spending to around $150 per month.  : )