Vacation & Getting Organized


We got released from work an hour and a half early today as an early Christmas present (yay!) and for the next 11 days I do not have to set foot in my office or even think about work.  It’s really a wonderful feeling.  Hubby and I really have no set plans for the next week and a half so my major focus, aside from relaxing, is going to be alot of organizing for all aspects of my life.

I’ve had a giant pile of receipts from all of my purchases throughout the past several months that has been haunting me for weeks now.  I’m a little meticulous when it comes to keeping track of the items I buy so I’m always holding onto my receipts but I hate how quickly they pile up.  Tonight, I decided it was time to start transferring some of that information into an Excel spreadsheet and I’m calling it my ‘Style File’.  It will let me keep track of the what, when, and where of my purchases, as well as my purchase price versus the item’s original retail price.  Eventually, I’d like to start sharing some outfit posts (I think, eeek!) and this will also help me have the most accurate information about what’s in my closet to share with readers.

In other news, I placed my very first order with Lands’ End Canvas tonight.  I’ve been on a hunt for a quality pair of basic black leggings for under $15.  I think these might fit the bill and while I was at it I decided to order this boyfriend sweater.  Both items had pretty good ratings/reviews and the price just couldn’t be beat.  I considered adding a pair of these slim leg corduroy pants but, unfortunately, they don’t come in petite sizes (I’m a shorty – 5′ 2″).  I used coupon code HERITAGE (pin# 2675) and received free standard shipping.