Day #24: A special guest & a cookie fail

Sweaters – GAP, Cami – Old Navy, Pants – Express,
Shoes & Earrings – Banana Republic, Headband – J. Crew

Today my little puppy girl made her 30 for 30 debut!  She’s not possessed, I promise.  Her name is Lola and she’s the best cuddle bug in the world.  This morning she snuggled under the covers with me while hubby was in the shower and I slept for an extra half hour.  It’s part of our morning routine almost daily.

A little sidenote about today’s outfit – the cami doesn’t count as one of my 30 for 30 items since I’m wearing it more as an undergarmet.  Trust me.  I read the rules.  Again, I was going for comfort with this outfit.  And warmth.  Because we got a nice dumping of snow today.  Ick.  I’m so over winter!

It’s a Friday night and I’m feeling pretty miserable.  I wasted 3 hours of my night trying to turn this cookie recipe into a success story.  I wish I had looked it up online (I had it bookmarked in a recent copy of ‘All You’ magazine) before going to work in the kitchen.  As a few other reviewers commented, there must be some missing ingredients because my dough was a crumbly mess, the filling was a disaster, and I couldn’t get the dang nonpereils to stick.  (Yes, I am the a-hole that gave this a 1 star rating.  Created an account just so I could post my review.)  I finally just gave up and let hubby try to salvage something from the mess.  Turns out he’s got the magic in him because he was able to fix enough cookies to almost fill a ziplock sandwich bag.  Not worth having to toss the rest of the mix but I have to admit the cookies tasted pretty good once assembled.  Still, I will not be attempting this recipe again.

All By Myself..

Sing it, Eric Carmen (or Celine..whoever tickles your fancy.  I promise I won’t judge).  You just can’t go wrong with classic power ballads.

Tonight it’s just me, my little puppy girl, the newest issue of People StyleWatch (it arrived on my doorstep today!) and a cup of hot tea.  Hubby is off watching college basketball with one of the guys and I’m enjoying a quiet evening at home.  This is exactly what I needed to get myself through the mid-week hump.  Perhaps this can be my new Wednesday night ritual..

Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all enjoy a day filled with family, friends, food, and gifts!  We’re getting ready to head over to my mom’s house with our little puppy girl.  As you can tell, she is all ready to be Santa’s little helper today!  : )